What do the images look like?

How did you create these images?

  • I created the images by utilizing my experience of sensing and channeling subtle energies. I was able to put myself in a deep meditation, during which I allowed the colors to reveal themselves to me. I drew the images using the tools I use as a graphic designer as well as using my intuition to accurately represent the positive energies I discovered. I did not consciously determine these images to represent the positive energies. I discovered them and then drew them as guided by universal energy via my intuition.

Why are the images represented as circles?

  • I felt that since a circle has no hard edges, no beginning and no end it is the most appropriate shape to use to for meditation purposes. Thus, the image is a mandala.

If cannot sense any energy, are the images still working?

  • If you feel more positive because of working with the book, then the images are working. Being able to sense energy is not a requirement for being able to experience the effects of the images.